Evolution of the temple site

The evolution of the old temple site happened over four major phases:

  • Phase 1: 996 A.D. – construction of the Main Temple (Tib.: gTsug la khang)

  • Phase 2: 1042–1100 A.D. – construction of Maitreya's Temple (Tib.: Byams pa’l lha khang), ‘Brom-ston Temple (Tib.: Brom ston lha khang) and Mandala Temple (Tib.: dKyil khang)

  • Phase 3: 1450–1550 A.D. – construction of the Golden Temple (Tib.: gSer lha khang)

  • Phase 4: 1600–1900 A.D. – construction of the Large ‘Brom-ston Temple (Tib.: Brom ston lha khang chen po), the new entry hall (Tib.: sGo khang), which is also called Temple of the Master (Tib.: rJe-bla-ma lha-khang), the Protector's Chapel (Tib.: mGon khang) and the White Temple (Tib.: dKar ‘byung lha khang), which is also called Nuns’ Temple

© Neuwirth and Auer, TU Graz 2020


© Neuwirth and Auer, TU Graz 2020

© Neuwirth & Auer, TU Graz 2020


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