Golden Temple

The Golden Temple (Tib.: gSer lha hang) contains numerous beautiful murals, with the main paintings being almost four metres high. These paintings are known for their exceptional fineness and detail, with gold applied to some of them. It is said that this temple was once covered in gold.


The deities that are depicted, surrounded by their lineages, are: Maitreya, Shakyamuni and Manjushri on the west wall; Bhaishajya Guru, Amithaba and Vajradhara on the south wall; Vairochana, Green Tara and Ushnishavijaya on the north wall; Ushnishavijaya Sitataprapta, Vaishravana, Shabhuja Mahakala, Winumyin (and entourage), Vajrapani, Shadakshari Avalokiteshvara and [an indecipherable deity] on the top of the east wall; and Manjushri Manjughosha Hayagriva and Yama on the bottom of the east wall.

Photo by Rudi Kreisel
Photo by Peter van Ham
Photo by Peter van Ham


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